One Group.
One Mission.
One Culture.

Silverbullet is a data and digital transformation company built from a global team of diverse thinkers and innovative pioneers.

It’s All About Our People.

Silverbullet’s secret to success is the people on the ground. We are committed to supporting our employees – not just in their day to day jobs and career progression – but as individuals.

Ben Chivers


“Silverbullet is an incredible place to work. Not only will you be surrounded by some of the most intelligent people in (m)adtech, we have a strong work hard, play hard ethic. We make it our mission to celebrate each other and our work”

Tim Beard


“With such a talented team there is almost no limit to what we can achieve. My global role gives me the opportunity to harness those skills and celebrate them for our clients. I’ve always said, you should never be the smartest person in the room. And that is Silverbullet in a nutshell”

Sandy Ghuman


“I am so grateful to work with such incredible talent and expertise. We have such a diverse mix of talent from across the globe, and no matter where you sit within the organisation, you are valued just as much as the person next to you. It truly is the definition of teamwork.”

Fi Taylor

VP of Marketing

“What makes Silverbullet so great, is the incredible team of experts. You continually learn from your peers and I am constantly inspired by those around me”

Zsolt Tildy

Strategic Consultant

“For me, the fact that no two days are ever the same, is what makes being a consultant an amazing role. You are constantly learning something new, whether it’s building knowledge on a topic in the field of (m)adtech, or gaining a new skill.”

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the leading data and digital transformation company that delivers future-proofed solutions for the post-cookie era; one that generates powerful business outcomes and customer-first experiences.

Our values.

Discover our core values and what we as a team – and business – strive to adhere to.

We are Bold, Honest and Not Afraid to Challenge the Status Quo.

Be Bold with Integrity.

Our employees all strive to fulfil the group’s mission in leading data and digital transformation, approaching every aspect of our existence with bold ideas, brave new ways of thinking, and with 100% trust. We are a family, built from creative thinkers, technical pioneers and ambitious leaders, who all have a voice no matter where they sit within the organisation.

We are global thinkers, and have a shared passion for success.

Diversity of Thought, Equal in Passion.

Our organisation is made up of multiple nationalities, across 25+ regions, with an ever-growing footprint. Our global teams share a commonality that spreads throughout: a passion to create something really special for our clients by thinking with diversity and inclusivity, to best serve the needs of everyone.

We are captivated by our clients’ challenges and opportunities.

Captivated by our Clients and Each Other.

Our teams submerge themselves into our client’s and customer’s day-to-day needs, as well as their long term goals. As much as we are obsessed with nurturing our people internally, we are devoted to the people who sit on the client side. We understand the importance of humanity and support, no matter what the challenge ahead brings. We live and breathe data and technology, so our clients can focus on what they know better than anyone else, their business.

We have created a fun, cheeky workplace to make work less like, well, work.

Work Hard, Play Hard.

Silverbullet is made up of the most hard-working people in the industry. However, there is always time for fun. Work celebrations, social events, fun initiatives and incentives, a global sense of humour and well, some off-the-record slack channels that only our team members are privy to! Silverbullet works hard, and plays hard, and we believe that truly is the recipe for success.

“Silverbullet presents a fantastic opportunity for anyone at any level to join our incredible team. Our business offers expert training, education and knowledge sharing that you just can’t get anywhere else”

Ian James, Co-founder and CEO

Silverbullet Graduate Schemes

At Silverbullet we offer the opportunity for those just starting out in their career to learn, develop and gain invaluable experience from truly talented individuals. Discover our Graduate Scheme opportunities today.
Graduate Schemes: Everything you need to know.

Silverbullet Apprenticeship Schemes

Silverbullet is a haven for those looking to explore a career in advertising technology, marketing technology, and data science. Find out more about our Apprenticeship Scheme, an opportunity that helps you work towards a recognised apprenticeship qualification.
Apprenticeship: Everything you need to know.

Silverbullet Internships

We understand the want to ‘try before you buy’. We offer opportunities to become a Silverbullet Intern, where you can get involved in projects across our entire business functionalities, from strategic consultant to marketing and sales. Take a look at what an internship could offer you.
Apprenticeship: Everything you need to know

Current Job Roles

Silverbullet brings together the most advanced machine learning and technologies to reach customers at the right place, right time at the right moment.

Freelance Full Time Internship Part Time Temporary

Application Support / Top Tips

Strategic Services Roles: How to apply?

The world of (m)adtech and digital transformation is a complex one to say the least. Take a look at our top tips on how to apply for a role in Strategic Services and Consultancy.
Strategic Services Roles: How to apply?

Sales Role: How to apply?

The (m)adecth industry is a very exciting, fast-paced industry to work in. And taking on a sales role can be both challenges and rewarding. If you’re looking to join us within our sales department, take a look at our top tips in Sales for Silverbullet.
Sales Roles: How to apply?

Product Roles: How to apply?

We developed our proprietary product, 4D in 2020. Our incredible team of product engineers and developers are what underpin our success. If you’re looking to step into a product facing career, then why not explore our top tips in how to apply.
Product Roles: How to apply?

Marketing Roles: How to apply?

From PR, sales enablement, events and product training, to social, editorial comms and supporting our investor community, marketing is a core function of the Silverbullet business. Check out our top tips in becoming a marketer.
Marketing Roles: How to apply?

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Benefits will differ across our global regions.

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Ben Chivers

COO, Marketing Services

Tim Beard

CCO, Marketing Services

Sandy Ghuman

Managing Director

Aline Zenses

Managing Director

Andrea Ghibaudi

VP Enterprise Strategy

Alex Jacobson

VP Strategic Services

Billy Port

VP Revenue

Stefano Camisasca

General Manager

Fi Taylor

VP Marketing

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