Silverbullet’s secret to success is the people on the ground. We are committed to supporting our employees – not just in their day-to-day jobs and career progression – but as individuals.

At Silverbullet we offer the opportunity for those just starting out in their career to learn, develop and gain invaluable experience from truly talented individuals.

We understand that no one individual is the same and therefore offer a variety of employment routes and schemes, such as:

  • Graduate Schemes – opportunities for those who have graduated from university and looking to carve out a career in marketing and advertising technology;
  • Apprenticeships – opportunities to combine work, learning and obtaining qualifications within the digital marketing industry;
  • Internships – short term work placements for those looking to gain that all essential work experience within a high-paced and exciting work environment.

Regardless of the route you take, we will offer:

  • A competitive salary and benefits package.
  • The chance to learn and work with some of the best people in the industry.
  • The opportunity to work with some of the world’s biggest brands, publishers, media agencies and leading technology providers in the digital marketing space.
  • First-hand experience of new technologies.
  • The opportunity to grow a desired skill set for the new marketing age companies.
  • A supportive and fun working environment.
  • The opportunity to carve out your career in the direction that suits you.
  • The ability to work flexibly.
  • Lifelong learning.

Let’s take a deeper dive into our Graduate Scheme.

If you join us as a graduate, you will initially undertake the role of an Analyst. Check out the live job posting HERE to find out what that entails.

The Silverbullet’s Graduate Scheme lasts 12-months. During this time, you will work across all the different areas of our expert services division, moving from team to team approximately every three months on a carousel basis to ensure you gain varied experience across the business. The core teams you will work within, include:

Strategic Services

  • The Strategic Services team are responsible for ensuring clients’ business objectives are understood and translated into best-in-class data strategies that hit targets and drive ROI.

Technical Services

  • The Technical Services team supports clients in the end-to-end completion of a digital marketing transformation journey, through the seamless implementation and integration of technology platforms, focused specifically on the Customer Data Platforms. This includes supporting clients bridge knowledge gaps, develop use cases, work with data teams to understand data structures, configure platforms, set-up campaigns, conduct quality assurance/testing and provide staff training.

Enterprise Support

  • Made up of Project Managers and Account Managers, The Enterprise Support team help with the day-to-day management of our largest clients. They ensure projects are working efficiently and the client is happy. This team also support on internal projects within Silverbullet.

Data Science & Engineering Team

  • The Data Science and Engineering team work on technical tasks for clients. Coding in SQL, JAVA or PYTHON is part of their everyday jobs. The team look for trends in client’s data that would not be visible to the naked eye. They prove/disprove hypothesis for the client to inform their marketing strategy.

Within each department you will learn the various responsibilities and the technologies we work with, whilst getting stuck into projects specific to that department. Depending on your background and where you want to go in your career, we can tailor the time spent in each department to meet your needs.

Skills and training you will gain access to.

During the 12 months graduate training period you will be provided with training and development in the three-core areas:

  • (M)adtech Foundation Training
  • Technical & Software Training
  • Soft Skills

This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to step into a very exciting career in the (m)adetch and digital marketing space. If you are interested in working with Silverbullet as a graduate in the Services Team, please send your CV and covering letter expressing an interest to: Email