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Silverbullet – MarTech Services and Products

Our mission is to create a global company designed for a new marketing age.

We deliver products and services designed for the first-party data, post-cookie era, unlocking significant ROI for marketing investments. Through the application of best-in-class technology and expertise, we reduce friction in the flow of data throughout a clients organisations, empowering them to deliver their marketing better, faster and smarter.

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Silverbullet is a partnership of data and technology experts and like-minded entrepreneurs from around the world.

Ian James


Ian discovered co-founders Umberto and Simon back in 2016, and helped bring the company to life. With 20+ years digital marketing and data activation experience, Ian brings a wealth of industry knowledge to the business. Ex CEO of Starcom Media Vest, Acxiom and Verve.

Umberto torrielli


Umberto co-founded SBDS in 2016 alongside Ian James & Simon Theakston. Having led varied technical and strategic teams throughout his career and most recently at Bluekai / Oracle, Umberto brings a unique technical view of the customer data and technology landscape.

Simon Theakston

Co-founder, SVP Partnerships

Simon co-founded SBDS in 2016 alongside Ian James & Umberto Torrielli. Having led varied technical and sales teams throughout his career and most recently at Bluekai / Oracle, Simon brings a wealth of partnership knowledge to the group.

Darren Poynton


Highly experienced ACA Finance Executive with extensive knowledge and understanding of the advertising, media and entertainment industries, both within the UK and globally. Darren has a proven record as a trusted member of a number of senior management teams across many different media sectors. 

Sandy Ghuman

SVP, Data Strategy

Sandy holds 20 years’ experience within digital marketing and data technology, building her career across companies such as Yell, Experian and most recently Sky. Sandy is passionate about leveraging data and technology to customise consumer experiences and has the skills to drive digital capabilities with proficiency and skill.

Tim Beard


Tim joined SBDS in 2018 to open its Australian office, and launch the APAC offering. With 20+ years experience in digital marketing, having founded his own companies, Tim brings a wealth of knowledge to the global organisation. Tim brings intrinsic value to the strategy of SBDS and its future.

Riccardo Brambilla

MD, Southern EU

Riccardo Brambilla joined the SBDS team to run Southern Europe. Ex Oracle and Microsoft, Riccardo brings unparalleled knowledge of the programmatic, data and analytics landscapes. With extensive knowledge of the BlueKai DMP, Riccardo is a qualified data activation expert. 

Aline Zenses

MD, Northern EU

Aline holds 15 years’ experience within the digital marketing and data technology landscapes, beginning her career at Google before heading off to Microsoft to head up their product team. Aline’s understanding and expertise of the DataTech marketplace is second to none, and her latest role saw her head up sales for the Oracle Marketing Cloud and their DMP, Bluekai.

Fi Taylor

Global Marketing

Fi joined the Silverbullet in 2018 to run its global marketing efforts. Having led marketing strategies for businesses including PubMatic, Teads and Verve, Fi has a unique understanding of the marketing and advertising technology landscape. Her role spans across events, sales enablement, and throughout leadership for the entire group and its individual entities.

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