With New Year celebrations seemingly a distant memory, Valentine’s Day is the next significant holiday marketers and advertisers can leverage to reach new audiences, engage with existing ones, and deliver powerful performance and ROI. Revenue generated as a result of this romantics day, has been rising year on year, with Valentine’s Day sales in the U.S. reaching approximately $27.4 billion in 2020.

So, why not tap into the billion dollar love-pie?

Unlock contextual this Valentine’s.

“Today’s marketer needs to think about how to creatively engage their customers during key buying seasons like Valentine’s Day in ways that will bring long term growth, increased sales and forge bonds that keep their mobile customers coming back” said Sunil Thomas, co-founder and CEO, CleverTap.

Outside of nurturing existing customers through first-party data strategies and loyalty programs, marketers are seeking new ways to expand their reach and take advantage of love birds and friendships across the globe.

And it all lies within advanced contextual targeting.

Tap into all audiences this February.

Advertisers and marketers alike should note that Valentine’s Day campaigns shouldn’t be exclusively targeted at couples. Despite the holiday’s tradition, sentimental shoppers also enjoy using the occasion as a way to offer gifts to family, friends and even pets. In fact, according to the National Retail Federation, customers spent $1.7 billion on Valentine’s Day gifts on their pets in 2020.

This is great news as it means the audience pool is much greater, and the opportunity to tap into the mindsets of consumers with a variety of interests and likes, is huge.

Want to find out how? Download our Valentine’s Day Seasonal Snapshot to the right of this blog, and discover how 4D’s advanced contextual intelligence can allow you to reach audiences in the moments that matter!