Oracle recently announced the closure of its advertising business, marking the end of its efforts in the online advertising market, and its venture into contextual intelligence. This decision has left the AdTech landscape with a significant sense of loss as the well-known organization’s ambitious chapter ends.  

4D is here to support your transition from the Oracle Contextual Targeting Solution (Grapeshot) to a new, advanced contextual solution designed for the privacy-first era, built by former Oracle employees. 

Transition in three easy steps 

To migrate your Grapeshot pre-bid categories without friction or interruption. Simply: 

Fill out the 4D – Grapeshot Migration Form 

A member of our team will then schedule a consultation 

Our team will initiate the data migration process 

No contract or account setup required.  

Take full advantage of 4D’s advanced contextual solution 

We are dedicated to ensuring a seamless transition from Oracle’s Contextual Targeting Solution to 4D, offering best-in-class services tailored to your needs. Founded and developed by former Oracle experts, 4D has a data-driven foundation and has been purposefully designed to deliver business outcomes that truly matter.  

Category setup is directly matched to 4D’s pre-bid controls across Keyword (Inclusion/Exclusion), Brand Safety and Suitability (GARM/IAB), and Contextual Targeting for Display, Video (and YouTube), and Mobile Apps. These will seamlessly migrate and go-live on the same day within the DSP of your choice.  

Additionally, we offer complimentary analytics services to all transitioned clients. These analytics will enhance your understanding of campaign performance, enabling you to optimize in real-time while providing actionable insights to improve business outcomes. 

We are also pleased to honor Oracle’s Contextual Targeting rates. Our commitment to providing exceptional value to all new clients comes at no extra cost. 

Get started today 

Fill out this form and let us take it from there. Our dedicated account team is here to support you at every step. If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to us at