Silverbullet’s 4D outcomes engine adds DeepSee to its ‘Dimension Marketplace’ to bolster brand suitability using AI.

As the martech landscape evolves, changes in privacy laws are impacting the changes in fraud tactics. While cookies disappear and user-based bot fraud becomes obsolete, marketers need to be aware of fraud taking on a new form, focused on site-based fraud tactics.

Contextual outcomes engine, 4D, a division of marketing transformation company Silverbullet, has announced a new partnership with AI-powered insights platform, DeepSee, to further protect brand safety on the web, post cookie.

In April this year, 4D saw the addition of DeepSee to its Dimension Marketplace to enhance targeting and brand suitability contexts for its clients beyond traditional block-listing. DeepSee is at the forefront of identifying and protecting precious brand dollars against today’s site fraud, not yesterday’s; providing quality scores for domains, so marketers can determine whether they should trust a site enough to run advertising.

DeepSee’s analytics are not predicated on collecting large amounts of data from web users. Instead, DeepSee uses AI to examine the nature of websites and their networks to discover places that harbor site fraud.

By expanding its ‘Dimension Marketplace’ with the addition of DeepSee, 4D can now enable advertisers to further ensure their ads are running on suitable content and their customers have a good experience interacting with their advertising.

Umberto Torrielli, Co-Founder of 4D, says part of 4D’s mission is to deliver brands advertising in the most suitable environments, and go beyond the standard brand safety avoidance categories.

“With the industry changing at the speed of light and stringent privacy laws now finally being implemented, we’ve decided to build a platform that exceeds the rigid and manual requirements of blocklists,” he says.

“We’re therefore thrilled that DeepSee fits into this vision perfectly and is now part of our industry-leading Contextual Dimensions Marketplace. Through this partnership, brands have the ability to dynamically target or block across the best four performing and unique user experience signals which ultimately drive better outcomes for marketers.”

Rocky Moss, Co-founder and CEO of Deepsee, says the 4D and DeepSee partnership gives advertisers the ability to make sure their ads only appear on sites that provide great experiences for their users.

“4D is the first platform to offer the ability to filter with our risk metrics at the push of a button, and now it couldn’t be easier to protect brands from association with high-risk publishers,” he says.

“Previously, it wasn’t clear which publishers were taking advantage of users with hidden pop ups and redirects. It’s not something that can be detected with impression or click trackers; you have to take a direct approach, and visit the worst, most exploitative sites on the web to better understand opaque traffic marketplaces and traffic sourcing fraud.

“At the same time, our approach allows us to determine a lot of unique signals about the quality of the user experience of websites, and at scale.

“4D’s choice to offer our data as a dimension on their platform speaks to their ability to look forward at the changing digital media landscape and recognize the gaps that will be left by the deprecation of third party cookies. We both take a future-proof approach, grounded in what can be ethically known about the media that brands will be associated with.

“With DeepSee and 4D, advertisers can access sophisticated domain filtering controls to help protect their brand, avoid ad-fraud and eliminate bad domains across their programmatic buys;  ensuring that advertisers get peace of mind.