Customer success teams play a critical role in helping clients utilise products effectively, in order to recognize their value and get the most out of their investments. Yet there’s a whole bundle of myths surrounding what makes up a strong client success team, and surprisingly very little insight about what ingredients make an awesome customer success representative.

A common myth that resides throughout the industry, is that many often assume that client success teams are only responsible for post-sale activation. In fact, many proclaim that ‘Client Success teams are from Venus, and Product Teams are from Mars’. This siloed approach couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, effective account management teams partner with commercial, operations and product teams, to plan, strategize and execute campaigns for clients.

In this month’s Debunked editions, Caitlin Curry, Director of Client Success for 4D discusses the perfect recipe for success in creating a Successful Client Success teams (pun intended)!

Top four drivers for a strong, successful team:

  1. Be Proactive
    • Taking the initiative to think about a book of business proactively is what sets the Client Success team to win and enables clients to think of themselves as true partners versus simply an activation arm to the brand or agency.
  2. Responsiveness
    • Client SuccessManagers at their core are agile and effective problem solvers. They act as the internal / external quarterbacks and have the unique ability to improve process and drive efficiency for clients.
  3. Account Expertise
    • Become one with the client! It is imperative to become an extension of the client team. That means, understanding overarching goals, KPIs and metrics to help drive true success. Great client success teams have a longer term vision for the client and think about overall strategy and the steps needed to achieve that.
  4. Actionable Insights
    • How can we action what we learned before, during or after the campaign to achieve even more success for the client?
    • Great Client Success teams including the team I am honored to lead, implement critical thinking, data exploration, and hold weekly meetings to better understand how we can deliver for our clients. The goal is to make insights actionable and inform future strategies for our clients.

No matter how your client success teams are structured, there’s no doubt that it is a hugely valuable functionality of your business; one that stitches together the various teams who help to build and sell your product for your clients.

The key take-away for today? Do not underestimate the power of your client success teams!

So, why not chat to Catlin today, to find out more about our 4D product, and how she and her team can help you on your journey to success.