A leading brewery partners with Silverbullet to undertake a digital-first transformative CX strategy, delivering the true meaning of 1:1 engagement.


One of the UK’s leading pub retailers and brewers, which boasts 2,700 pubs, restaurants and hotels across the nation, is embarking on a CX transformation journey to establish itself as a leading digital-first, customer-centric hospitality brand that maximizes the impact of every customer interaction.

Recognizing the significance of personalised customer engagements, this well-loved pub brand is committed to unlocking several key data-driven initiatives across email marketing, push notifications, app marketing, and paid media campaigns. Moreover, the brand has a core underlying mission: to leverage data intelligence to gain deeper insights into its customers to deliver the true meaning of 1:1 customer experience.

The Challenge.

The leading brewery and CPG brand had one core goal: to make every single customer count. Underpinning that core goal, were three core objectives:

  • Centralize data into one place to act as a self-serve tool
  • Improve customer journey orchestration
  • Gain the ability to unlock data insights to improve business outcomes

The Solution.

Silverbullet divided the project into three distinct and effective initiatives:

  • CX Architecture, Design and Build
  • Customer Journey Orchestration Development
  • Data-Centric initiatives

The Results

Discover how Silverbullet delivered powerful results for the CPG and Hospitality brand, through the smart adoption of MarTech platforms to activate cross-channel, valuable customer experiences.

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