Luxury brand increases sales by 47% as part of its awareness campaign with 4D

Luxury brand increases sales by 47% as part of its awareness campaign

Creating Meaningful Connections

Silverbullet transforms customer experiences for leading CPG.

Every Single Customer Counts.

A leading brewery partners with Silverbullet to undertake a digital-first transformative CX strategy, delivering the true meaning of 1:1 engagement. 

Bringing a luxury retail brand into a privacy-first, post-cookie era.

Silverbullet, in partnership with mParticle, transforms a luxury retail brand’s first-party data strategy, supporting its efforts to step into the cookieless future.

Delivering a first-party data strategy for Heineken Brazil

Silverbullet designs, builds and transforms Heineken Brazil’s first-party data strategy, driving marketing automation and unlocking unique consumer insights.

Nintendo drives brand awareness through 4D Video.

Nintendo specializes in creating and producing video games and consoles. Nintendo partnered with 4D to promote the launch of a new game named Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Silverbullet Maximises The Value Of UBI Banca’s Customer Data

Silverbullet maximises the value of customer data to support data-driven marketing. In 2016, UBI Banca was seeking the support of a new kind of marketing partner, to help streamline its tech stack, to maximise the value of data collection and management, in order to support its customer loyalty initiatives.

Supporting Channel 4s Data Driven Marketing Strategy

Silverbullet supported the leading British Broadcaster, Channel 4, rollout its data-driven marketing strategy to better serve its advertisers and audiences, while helping solidify its in-house capabilities.