The newest partner to the 4D Dimensions Marketplace allows advertisers to target emotion to reach the right audience at precisely the right moment.

New York 1st March 2022: 4D, a division of Silverbullet, today announced it has partnered with emotional AI company, Reticle, as it continues to enhance its Context Outcomes Engine offering. 4D is excited to partner with Reticle who joins its Dimension Marketplace network which supports advertisers as they seek solutions to target the right audience at the right moment.

Reticle’s Emotional AI has a taxonomy of 19+ emotional signals, enabling advertisers to match the emotional tone of their ad with prospective advertising placements to enhance ad viewing experiences. With this partnership, Reticle’s leading position in emotional targeting will now be added to 4D’s Dimension Marketplace, offering brands the ability to maximize brand-building impact and serve ads within the placements where audiences are most receptive.

4D’s Context Outcomes Engine is transforming the contextual 2.0 landscape, allowing advertisers to step into the post-cookie world with confidence. Traditionally, contextual and brand-safety data for display, video and audio was only available through simple methodologies of analyzing the text on a web page. Now, with 4D and Reticle coming together, marketers can put every advertisement into context by understanding the nuance of the content it sits within, and identifying an emotional connection it has with consumers.

Jonah Cait, VP of Strategy & Product at Reticle comments, “beyond sentiment, emotion has not been applied to media targeting in a scalable and nuanced fashion. With Reticle joining 4D’s Dimension Marketplace network, advertisers are now able to contextually account for emotion in their brand campaigns, elevating emotional resonance, impression quality, and ad viewing experiences.”

“This partnership is truly a powerful combination for marketers to have in their back pocket. To easily tap into emotion targeting from Reticle layered onto context targeting via 4D within one platform, makes it that much more effective for advertisers to reach consumers at the right moment.” says Silverbullet’s VP of Partnerships, Norman Au.

4D and Reticle technology combined, demystifies how emotion can be understood, and is the difference between placing an ad, and making an ad matter to the consumer. Tapping into emotion targeting has never been easier with Reticle in 4D’s Dimension Marketplace.