What happens when the biggest platforms in the marketing industry implement the strictest privacy controls ever seen? Chaos and carnage? End of days? No, it’s none of these. Instead of tilting furiously at the windmill, think about this transition to a privacy-first environment as an opportunity to recalibrate, and to prioritise the consumer, rather than the apocalyptic end of advertising and marketing as we know it. Silverbullet joined forces with ExchangeWire and other industry experts to share what’s in store for the future of (M)adtech, as we look to reframe the industry.

The Industry Review outlines some of the hottest areas across the service layer, (m)adtech middleware, and the commerce and media ecosystem — with industry leaders giving their expert opinion on the tech and market opportunities that will define this decade. There is a prevailing narrative that we are in the mire — and GAFA have won. I disagree on so many levels with that thesis. Our best days are ahead of us. Once we move beyond these existing legacy models, I believe we will finally realise the potential of the innovation that runs deep in this industry.