Our environmental, social and governance strategy, comprised of four pillars:

DE&I and Culture:

Focuses on taking care of ourselves, and increasingly with our clients.

Low-Impact Workspaces:

Concentrated on flexible working, hybrid office models and environmentally friendly travel initiatives.

Doing Good:

Aimed at providing business support to charitable clients, with a focus on pro-bono campaigns where applicable.


A new initiative focused on supporting our clients explore sustainable ways of working that lower carbon emissions and increase business efficiency.

We have set goals for each of our strategic pillars that collectively contribute to our overarching ambition: to build a sustainable and inclusive company that not only creates a positive culture internally, but also provides a positive impact on our global client base.

We understand we have a long way to go within each of these categories, and pledge to our investors, clients, and employees alike that our efforts will be increased each year. We believe that this ambition starts with increasing transparency. Part of this transparency is standardisation, to measure, compare and adjust.

There are still many unknowns in our industry – and within our own organisation – that we need to tackle.

DE&I and Culture

Our people are at the heart of our business; the talent that fuels the engine that keeps our business going. Our people are more likely to feel comfortable and happy in an environment where inclusivity and equity are priority.

Exploring our four pillars further:

• Diverse and Inclusivity Training: with plans to implement further sessions each year. Training session to date have focused on leadership, and companywide.

• Internal Analysis: to explore our current cultural, ethnic and gender diversity across the business, so we can track and measure improvements each year

• Global Committee Groups: to own and manage several sub-tasks within the DE&I strategy, whether that be unbiased language, broader recruitment, training and learning opportunities, mental health support, community days, and more.

• Internal Sustainability: Working with HR teams to identify employee initiatives and benefits such as ‘Bike to work’ schemes, ‘Step Count Competitions’ and more.

Low Impact Workspaces

As an international company experiencing continual growth around the globe, we need to mitigate our impact. We aim to create a climate neutral and environmentally conscious business through tangible efforts in our daily operations. We want to build low impact workspaces reducing waste generation and promoting sustainable procurement practices by:

• Hybrid Working Models: Our headquarters in London is situated in Spaces Fitzrovia, and is shared with the Independant Agency Network, Local Planet. This hybrid model ensures the office is being always utilised, energy waste is limited, and general mainstreams is kept to a minimum. In addition, our Americas team work to a similar hybrid model of shared spaces, and our APAC employees work from home.

• Environmentally Friendly Travel Options: We encourage our employees to take part in eco-friendly travel initiatives such as our Bike to Work Scheme. In addition, we encourage team members to take part in health-focused initiatives, such as ‘Step Count’ competitions.

• Reducing our waste production and increasing our recycling percentages: As tenants within the Spaces community, we align with their ethos to encourage all our staff to recycle and dispose of waste in the correct manner.

Doing Good

Our ‘For Good Projects’ are initiatives created with a purpose to deliver a specific positive impact and benefit on behalf of non-for-profit and charitable organisations, as well as educational ‘making profit’ companies who are doing good for the wider community. Some projects to date have included:

• Pro-Bono Work: We worked with Save the Children pro-bono campaign we ran in 2020, as well as supported the British Heart Foundation with their Customer Data strategy.

• Internal Work Shops: Silverbullet have taken part in various charitable workshops with the likes of Crisis and Shelter, and has donated to various organisations such as War Child.


This is a new initiative focused on supporting our clients explore sustainable ways of working that lower carbon emissions and increase business efficiency.

We’re committed to eliminating unnecessary waste, conserving natural resources and protecting our global ecosystems to support well-being, now and into the future. We are working to educate ourselves on how we can improve our ways of working – whilst provide advice to our global clients.

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