Connecting Context And Analytics To Drive Outcomes

4D Outcomes combines targeting and the optimization engine to surface real time insights and recommendations.
4D, a division of Silverbullet, today introduced 4D Outcomes, the first contextual solution that surfaces insights and recommendations through real-time data.  By using the most advanced data science algorithms and machine learning, marketers are able to identify and target the right audience at the optimal time; all in a privacy-first, post-cookie era.The 4D Context Outcomes Engine is built for the modern marketing paradigm and leverages the plethora of privacy-friendly, real-time data dimensions available the instant a decision is made, to programmatically bid on an advertisement to identify the right moment when a person is receptive to a marketing message. 4D Outcomes bridges the gap between programmatic targeting and analytics, to derive specific performance drivers that result in powerful marketing outcomes.

“As we enter the next era of digital marketing the first thing the industry must accept is that the cookie can no longer be the primary data point for targeting strategies or optimizing media. Now is the time for marketers to take a deeper dive into the contextual landscape as they ready themselves for the inevitable identity shift to fall into place.” said 4D CRO, Mark Pearlstein. “We need a strong identifier that can respect privacy regulations while still allowing businesses to get the highest return on their marketing investments. Advanced contextual solutions today stand as a strong solution for these needs, offering marketers more confidence that their ads are relevant, safe and suitable.”

4D Outcomes puts a new take on the traditional limited approach to blocking pages that are not deemed relevant by the targeted user, which in turn eliminates overly broad outreach sectors.  These legacy contextual solutions focused on the semantic analysis of the page or video, whereas modern-day innovations surrounding context include a multitude of signals, from the emotion and sentiment of the content on a web page, to the quality of the website including items such as pop-up free environments, clean and uncluttered pages, to the brand suitability of the pages. The 4D Outcomes Engine is going beyond the legacy contextual scope, helping marketers to navigate a cookieless future and drive true business outcomes. 4D Context Outcomes Engine is available globally.

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