WTF White-Paper: A World Without (Third-Party) Cookies

Fi Taylor Sep 21, 2020

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White-Paper: A World Without (Third-Party) Cookies
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WTF Is A World Without (Third-Party) Cookies?

Businesses are navigating their way through data minefields, thanks to regulations such as GDPR in the UK and CCPA in the US. Add to that, anti-tracking policies prompted by Google, Apple and Firefox that aim to block third-party cookies and the challenges become numerous.

In the midst of these factors, in order to provide the ‘value exchange’ demanded by their audiences, businesses still need to harness huge volumes of data created by an increasing number of consumer touchpoints. Yet, putting this into practice and sourcing the skills in-house to activate these insights in real-time is no easy feat.

We joined forced with Digiday to write our latest Whitepaper, to uncover the future opportunities within a first-party data-lead strategy. 

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