Maximizing Outcomes In A Cookieless World.


Step into the privacy-first, post-cookie world with confidence.

4D brings together the most advanced machine learning and technologies to reach customers at the right place and in the right moment. It’s the future of digital marketing, it’s context targeting redefined.

4D Outcomes

We give you the power to blend context and analytics to move beyond assumption-based browsing behavior, and instead take a deterministic approach on content and the context it sits within.

We combine programmatic targeting with the most advanced AI and machine learnings to surface real-time insights and recommendations that are accurate, actionable, and scalable. With 4D Outcomes reach consumers with relevancy and meaning.

  1. Boost performance with powerful outcomes
  2. Surface real-time insights
  3. Drive brand awareness and growth
  4. Maximize Cost Effectiveness and drive ROI

4D Video

4D Video is powered by the most advanced NLP (Natural Language Processing) and Computer Vision technology. It breaks video content down frame by frame to truly understand the context of a video, making it easier than ever for brands to target the right consumers with the right creatives at the right moment.

Our tech allows you to tap into logo and facial recognition models so that, marketers just like you can ensure your ads appear in brand safe, suitable and relevant environments to drive better performance and increased ROI.

4D Dimensions Marketplace

In-the-moment marketing starts with 4D Dimensions Marketplace, offering advertisers ability to layer on an incredible array of data signals including , domain quality, piracy control and even emotion to strengthen their contextual strategies.

With context as its nature, easily overlay your first party data through the Dimensions Marketplace, 100% compliant and privacy-first foundation. With 4D Dimensions Marketplace we help you create a richer, more powerful future for your strategies.

  1. Brand safety and suitability
  2. Privacy-first, 100% compliant
  3. Boost scale and drive insights
  4. Richer targeting

Partner with 4D

We work with a number of partners to ensure the Context Outcomes Engine delivers the most advanced and powerful outcomes for advertisers looking to step into the post-cookie era with confidence.

Our Dimension Partners all have a common goal: to power modern marketers with the tools to unlock the potential of contextual intelligence.


DeepSee uses AI technology to examine the nature of websites and their networks to discover places that harbor site fraud.


Factmata helps monitor internet environments, and analyse its risks to help safeguard against harmful content and strive for brand safety and suitability.


Whitebullet detects and scores websites and apps actively engaged in IP crime and block the advertising that funds them.


Reticle is an artificial intelligence system specializing in emotional comprehension and expression, capable of classifying advertising inventory into emotional categories.

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