Advanced Contextual Targeting & Insights.

Moving Towards a Privacy-first Future.

The digital advertising industry is arguably witnessing one of the biggest shifts since the dawn of programmatic, as businesses throughout the landscape seek to work towards a better future; one centred around privacy, and grounded in tangible insights. Advertisers and their agencies are in a constant flux of change, and with change follows concern:

The Concerns:

  • Privacy remains the number one focus
  • Brand safety and suitability concerns are on the rise
  • Reaching audiences at scale seems daunting
  • Third-party cookies are going away

Advanced Contextual Targeting and Insights.

The industry has an array of proven, alternative solutions which offer smarter, more transparent and privacy compliant ways of reaching new and existing audiences at scale, whilst improving efficiency, and delivering better business insights and results.

The Advanced Contextual Opportunity.

  • Contextual targeting provides a privacy-first approach to marketing
  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning protects brands within the contexts their ads are placed, ensuring brand safety and suitability expectations are met
  • Audiences can be reached at scale without the use of personal identifiers or third-party data, by simply gaining their attention in the environments that they trust
  • As we pivot away from cookies, businesses are seeking new and improved solutions that provide precise and efficient targeting

4D | Delivering display and video campaigns in environments consumer trust.

4D brings together the most advanced machine learning and AI technologies to help you reach your customers at the right place, right time, and in the right moment- all the while respecting their privacy and rights as consumers.

Gain incredible benefits with 4D:

  • Privacy-safe advertising
  • Contextual targeting, evolved
  • Brand Safe. Brand Suitable
  • Optimization & Insights
  • Customer-centric Experiences
  • One-stop Contextual Targeting & Insights Platform

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