This month’s debunked blog explores why businesses need to act now to stay ahead of the post-cookie curve.

Google tracking cookies ban delayed until 2023,”. With a big heavy sigh, marketers and tech players were halted to a standstill. The industry is no stranger to the temperamental nature of these announcements, and so when Google delayed the ban for the third time, well, it was no surprise. While many think that Google may delay once more, it has never been more important to think about consumers and the strategies necessary to test to ensure data safety for millions of folks across the globe. With less than six months until we welcome the year 2023, a big part of the re-thinking strategy is centred around contextual targeting.

It really is time to look forward, embrace change, and explore new ways of working. While unsolicited advice is endless, here are a few key points what we know to be of importance for all marketers in the next year:

As the privacy-first, cookie-less era is fast approaching, marketers need to face the challenge head on, and start to put the building blocks in place to prepare for the future.

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