As more and more brands activate across the digital world, it becomes essential for those brands to find the right audience to target. Traditionally, advertising targeting solutions would rely on the pre-operated context lists and launch the targeting completely based on known information, like gender, age, and interests of the target customer group.

But what if these brands could expand their targeting beyond the context list?

A solution that could go beyond blocklists and targeting lists, but effectively increase scale, would mean that brands could reach the right users at the right moments across the digital ecosystem. Moreover, being able to tap into a continuous performance-based optimization loop that powers a campaign to perform beyond certain KPIs and draw insights and learnings would mean that brands can target consumers that they may have not even thought to target.

The mechanism allows brands to easily and effectively choose keywords and topics that are related to the campaign to launch targeting and with a privacy-friendly and PII-complaint tag running across a brand’s media, initial data points are collected. Powered by the 4D Outcomes Engine, brands get access to insights and data that deliver proven recommendations and in some instances insights about non-endemic keyword recommendations to go beyond their targeting without sacrificing performance and scale.

Going Beyond with 4D: A case study

While 4D works across all verticals, a large-scale CPG retailer partnered with 4D to drive traffic to their landing pages and grow awareness for its pet food brand.

The comprehensive keyword list set by the client was primarily focused on pets as their primary drivers of consumers were pet owners. 4D Context Outcome Engine empowered the brand to expand the campaign to include keywords such as Natural Ingredients, Healthy Eating, and Fitness Activity, as well as to increase curated contextual themes such as Food & Drink, Healthy Living, Business & Finance, and Home & Garden keywords driving an increase in impressions and CTR.

“4D offers advertisers the opportunity to efficiently reach the consumers they know are interested in their product, while also driving additional brand awareness to acquire new customers by utilizing the 4D Context Engine to derive additional insights into consumers via the 4D Tag. We can then easily modify a 4D context segment during campaign flight and overtime to ensure we are hitting performance targets and creating wins for the client.”

Andrew Sims, Strategic Account Manager

Why this works

By expanding their targeting, the CPG brand drove traffic and brand awareness by helping reach the target audience by identifying the contexts they are engaging with. Furthermore, they maximized cost-effectiveness by adding high-performing correlated contexts and removing underperforming contexts contributing to cost reductions and ROI increases. 4D boosted performance with data-driven outcomes and delivered result-proven insights that are strategically constructive for brands’ marketing strategies.

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