Silverbullet maximises the value of customer data to support data-driven marketing. In 2016, UBI Banca was seeking the support of a new kind of marketing partner, to help streamline its tech stack, to maximise the value of data collection and management, in order to support its customer loyalty initiatives.

The Challenge.

UBI first came to Silverbullet with one core objective: to help them select, implement, and integrate the required technology into their tech stack to facilitate the collection, analysis, and management of data. The bank needed an expert partner to support them throughout their entire data life-cycle, to empower them in their data-driven future.

“The Bank needed to deploy a Data Driven Digital Marketing approach within its broader Data Driven Transformation strategy, and so we needed an expert partner who could design a custom-made data strategy for us starting from our most relevant use cases. We found that very partner in the team at Silverbullet.”

Guido Ghio – Customer Journey & Digital Marketing Coordinator, UBI Banca

The Objectives.

  • Implement and integrate the required technology to unlock the value of data
  • Increase campaign performance powered by first and third-party data
  • Personalize the website in order to drive engagement and accelerate conversion
  • Explore intelligence-driven marketing strategies to cross-sell new products to existing customers

The Results.

Download the full case study to discover the UBI Banca data transformation story.