Silverbullet, in partnership with Treasure Data, transform global enterprise businesses through the application of customer data and innovative technology.

Consumers understand that their data is being recorded and tracked. They are prepared to exchange this data in return for what your product or service offers. It’s a story of increasing trust in the brand and the service.

But what does ‘great customer experience’ truly mean?

Not too long ago, the answer to this question would have been an unassuming and relatively simple explanation:

  • Optimising touch-points
  • Mapping out customer journeys
  • Designing, producing and delivering products and or services that customers want

However, today, how we interact with brands and what we need from them has transformed exponentially.

At a time when consumers are navigating constant change amongst external economic, environmental, political and social forces, behaviours are increasingly becoming inconsistent.

Creating a holistic customer experience approach.

To design, build, activate and measure a holistic CX strategy, brands need to think of customers as more than just buyers. Brands must enhance customers’ lives through new technology-led experiences that go beyond short-lived transactions.

Companies also need to have the enterprise-wide imagination, vision and empathy for the customer that will drive them to find creative ways to engage and serve people who crave simplification and agency.

By evaluating what brings value to customers and reconsidering how a brand promise fits with customer needs, companies can refocus their efforts to drive growth and relevance.

And, a large part of understanding customers and prospects, lies within the power of data and technology.

Introducing Treasure Data & Silverbullet.

Treasure Data and Silverbullet’s partnership sees the two organisations support many huge global brands in the adoption of future-proofed data-driven marketing strategies, fit for the new marketing era. The dynamic duo have supported – and continues to work with – household names including Sony, Edyn, ITV and Greene King throughout EMEA, the Americas and APAC regions across the globe.

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