Seasonal Snapshots with 4D : Cyber Week

Andrew Sims Nov 09, 2022

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4D - Cyber Weekend
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When it comes to identifying which shopping holiday season will score you more deals and drive your brand awareness, Cyber Week is the one! The term ‘Cyber Week’ – which spans from Thanksgiving (in the US), through to Black Friday, Big Saturday and closing on Cyber Monday – has been firmly cemented in American history for decades, but has become an integral part of our daily headlines since the early 2000s. It is regularly touted as one of the biggest online shopping weekends of the year, creating a wealth of opportunities for advertisers and publishers alike.

As retailers begin to roll out their promotional sales earlier and earlier each year, Cyber Week has become a huge draw for those who want to forgo the early wake-up call and long lines, and shop deals from the comfort of their couch. The increasing popularity of online shopping has meant consumers can browse and buy no matter where they are; on the go, or in the comfort of their own home. And so it has never been more important to ensure you target your consumers in the moments that make sense to them.

Unlocking contextual to grow your audience reach.

To take advantage of the up-and-coming shopping bonanza, many advertisers are starting to plan the what, how, and when – and contextual targeting should be playing a very important role. Why? Well, it enables brands to reach consumers with the utmost relevance, in the moments that matter.

In fact, 4D, the advanced contextual targeting and insights platform, enables brands to reach consumers in the perfect mindset, targeting ‘Cyber Week’ content, alongside many other categories within 4D’s contextual intelligence library. Additionally, advertisers can leverage past holiday purchase behaviours to find relevant shoppers.

Our Tips & Tricks ahead of Cyber Week.

So, how can you make sure you are ready for Cyber Week 2022? We have pulled together a few tips and tricks that we recommend to keep front and centre this season, with the aim to boost performance, drive sales, and most importantly, deliver a true value exchange for your audiences.

1.Divide campaigns and spread the love.

Create unique ad groups for your contextual ads.  To ensure cost efficiencies throughout your marketing budgets, do not use the same ad groups for your search ads, which can be more expensive.  Contextual will not only allow for the widest reach, but can deliver proven results.


2. Analyze your target audience for relevance in contextual targeting

When it comes to advertising, rule number one is, ensuring your ads reach the correct targeted audience.  Missing the mark results in a waste of time and company resources.  This speaks to the importance of truly understanding the environments your consumers frequent, so that you can reach them in these environments and in the perfect mindset.  Tapping into 4D Insights allows you to appropriately build out targeting strategies to find consumers.


3. Stand out from the rest & use multimedia to your advantage

Use a combination of strong targeting attributes, consisting of keywords and topics selection with creative elements to make your campaigns stronger.  Remember, there is a lot of noise in the market during Q4, so the goal is to stand out in the crowd.


4. Align your product to your audiences

One popular trend we’ve seen is setting up ‘Bestseller’ recommended products – placing the products you think consumers will want at the forefront of the journey. Personalization can be achieved through comprehensive search functions, localisations and nurturing conversations both before and during these brief quick purchase periods.


5. Be smart with your targeting elements (Broaden your list of keywords based on thematic terms)

When it comes to creating a list of keywords, there are some smart approaches to boost your targeting: firstly, ensure that your list is broad enough to achieve scale for the campaign, but refined enough that you will be delivering qualified reach.  Secondly, take a thematic approach to keyword list construction, rather than simply using synonyms.  This will allow the contextual technology to identify exactly what you want to target at scale.


6. Don’t underestimate the power of quality campaign creatives (Include facts, inviting call-to-action, positive customer feedback)

The basic element of a campaign is to inform the audience of a specific product and/service.  There is no better place to execute the identified primary goal of a campaign than in the creative and creative messaging.  Utilize irresistible call-to-action and positive customer feedback to help make your ads more believable and more compelling.

Explore how you can unlock contextual targeting and insights with 4D to boost performance during Cyber Week 2022, and access our Cyber Week Pager to the right of this article!.




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