Contextual Targeting: Back To The Future Of Marketing

Fi Taylor Sep 19, 2020

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Back To The Future Of Marketing
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We’re living in a global paradigm shift, where privacy concerns, coupled with the cookie’s demise, is placing pressure on marketers to deliver more personalised and empathetic campaigns, in brand-safe environments. While this presents many challenges, it also presents many opportunities for marketers to unlock more intelligent contextual targeting tactics.

This guide will help you discover how to leverage data, machine learning and AI, to access more granular audience segments and market ‘in the moment’ with highly intelligent, contextual targeting.

Read this guide if you want to find out:

  • What contextual marketing actually means and how it works

  • Why contextual marketing is important now more than ever

  • How to scale marketing efforts in a brand-safe environment

  • The future of programmatic in a cookie-less world

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