Case Study: Nintendo drives brand awareness through 4D Video.

Fi Taylor Apr 20, 2022

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Nintendo Case Study
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The Goal.

Nintendo specializes in creating and producing video games and consoles. Nintendo partnered with 4D to promote the launch of a new game named Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl across the Italian gaming market. Nintendo wanted their campaign to be seen in a Pre-Roll placement and the Video Player set to start the creative with the Audio-On format.

The challenge was twofold:

  1. To target fans of the widely used game series and introduce them to the new release across a specific gaming device
  2. To introduce the game to gamers who had never approached the gaming series before


The Methodology.

Nintendo used videos focusing on regenerating the emotions for the users who are already familiar with the game, the purpose of the other videos was to show some in-game footages to engage new prospects.

To ensure delivery in quality and targeted contexts, the 4D Team solved the challenge by creating four contexts for the campaign. The brand activated four different creative subjects that went into random rotation: Battle, Live Action Nostalgia, NCL.GF, NOA.GF.

  • Pokémon: Linked to the whole world of Pokémon
  • GdR: Specific to the interest in role-playing games
  • Gaming: For those interested in video games
  • Adventure Games: Specifically for people interested in adventure games


The Results.

In partnership with 4D, Nintendo successfully launched a video campaign with performance-boosting optimisations driven by 4D Context Outcomes Engine, achieving a substantial 74% final VTR.

Nintendo was able to create contexts that defined one or more interests thanks to the proprietary 4D algorithm. Based on combinations of keywords & topics, these contexts only delivered on web pages strictly related to the campaign’s target and objective without sacrificing scale.

This allowed the delivery of a higher number of impressions that, aside from the high VTR, generated 38% more completed views than booked. And the cost savings are considerable, dropping eCPCV (effective Cost Per Completed View) by 27%.

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