Case Study: Bringing a luxury retail brand into a privacy-first, post-cookie era.

Fi Taylor Jun 28, 2022

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Luxury Retail Case Study - Silverbullet & mParticle
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Silverbullet, in partnership with mParticle, transforms a luxury retail brand’s first-party data strategy, supporting its efforts to step into the cookieless future.

Customer Story.

The brand recognised that the world has changed; with tighter global government regulations, ever-changing consumer habits, and the demise of the third-party cookie, today’s landscape is starkly different.


The Challenge.

The luxury brand, alongside many others, were hit hard by the global pandemic (almost) overnight and needed to embrace digital strategies to underpin their future business model. Silverbullet created a custom-made plan focused around:

  1. Design& delivery of a first-party data strategy
  2. Improve business outcomes through the power of data
  3. Deliver solutions for the post-cookie era


The Solution.

Silverbullet designed, built, and executed a data focused strategy centred around mParticle’s CDP, which provided the luxury brand with:

  • Greater business operational efficiency
  • Faster processes to revenue and outcomes
  • Enhanced data insights and better audience intelligence
  • Brand safety and suitability through contextual advancements
  • Drove audience attribution with contextual intelligence


The Results

Discover how Silverbullet and mParticle delivered powerful results for the luxury brand. Download our case study today.

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