Case Study: Supporting Channel 4s Data Driven Marketing Strategy

Fi Taylor Jan 07, 2021

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Channel 4 Partnerships case study
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Silverbullet supported the leading British Broadcaster, Channel 4, rollout its data-driven marketing strategy to better serve its advertisers and audiences, while helping solidify its in-house capabilities.

Being a publicly owned and commercially-funded UK public service broadcaster, Channel 4 has pioneered the way for British broadcasters to manage, enrich and activate their customer data sets. In 2020, Channel 4 launched its Advanced Data Suite to support its advertisers in creating engaging and meaningful customer experiences.

The Challenge.

Channel 4 needed an expert partner to support them throughout their entire data life cycle and identify the correct technology platforms, people and processes. They turned to Silverbullet for its proven aptitude in data and intelligence-driven marketing activation, to support their efforts in building a customer centric future.

“We needed an expert partner who could design our new data strategy efficiently and implement data related capabilities across our business. Silverbullet’s expert team were able to perform the technical tasks needed to get us in the right shape for our advanced data suite offering”

David Amodio – Head of Digital & Innovation Channel 4

The Objectives.

  • Generate new revenue through the use of customer data
  • Design a new adtech ecosystem to execute media buying
  • Create a data-centric culture throughout the business
  • Explore intelligence-driven marketing strategies and activation methods

The Solution.

The Silverbullet team supported the broadcaster by utilising its Silverbullet Services methodology: Empowerment of data sets | Build of required tech | Activation of additional data partnerships.

“With digital platforms constantly evolving, we truly found the expertise and support from Silverbullet were second to none. They helped us better identify and capitalise on business opportunities through the power of data. The Silverbullet team has – and continues to – work closely with us to uncover customer insights and maximise its returns on investments”

David Amodio – Head of Digital & Innovation Channel 4

The Results.

Bringing data and technology together, Channel 4 is now able to manage and enrich its customer data. Once the foundation was set, Silverbullet introduced Channel 4 to a network of data specialists to help them achieve their Advanced Data Suite offering.

Download the full case study to discover Channel 4’s Advanced Data Suite achievements to date.

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